About Project

A suite of integrated modules designed and developed for Hira Bricks Industries. This system consist of following modules:

  1. System Management Module:
    • This module manage details about orgainization branch, departments and related system users.
  2. Fund Management Module:
    • This module helps to manage cash related request.
    • Using this system, employee of any branch can request for funds to head branch and when the request is approved , they get funds in their account on the confirmation. 
    • Fund receive and clear records are also maintained by the system.
  3. Project Management Module:
    • This module deals with all the projects status, activities and people involved in the projects.
    • Employee within the system can be assigned in any kind of projects.
    • All the activities done for the project are recorded for future use.
  4. Inventory Module:
    • This module manage inventory lists, invetory requests and reports.
    • All the items inventory are uptodate.
    • Employee can request for inventory use internally or externally to head branch. 
    • Inventory movements are tracked for future use.
  5. Production Management
  6. Order Processing and Delivery Management
  7. Accounting

Project Information

  • Office Automation
  • complete
  • Hira Bricks Pvt Ltd
  • Html, CSS,Javascript,PHP(Laravel 5.5),Vue.js,Pusher.js
  • https://www.hirabricks.com.np